Meeting Minutes

***NOVEMBER  2016***

NOVEMBER 8, 2016


***OCTOBER 2016***

OCTOBER 13, 2016


***SEPTEMBER 2016***

SEPTEMBER  15, 2016

Quorum not present – Meeting canceled.

Sorry,there was no posting for last meeting. There were only three Board members at meeting and we had no input from Morro Bay Police Department. No decisions were made on any usual business . We did discuss Caroling Cop’s and up dates will be made at next meeting. Our next meeting is November 10th at the Church of Christ at 100 Las Tunas and King St. at 6 pm. Please bring a dish to share.

***AUGUST 2016***

AUGUST 11, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Chuck Rose at 11:40 am. Board members present were: Chuck Rose, Bill Pierce, Jon “Woody” Wordswoth, Carole Truesdale and Caroline Lewis. Representing the Morro Bay Police Department were Sgt. Rick Catlett and interim Chief Todd.

Other Neighborhood Watch members present were: Brenda Pool, Ray Lewis, Richard LeGrand, Fran Willey, Gordon Willey, John Shorb, Linda Shorb, Paul LaRiviere and Jim Lipsett.


Chuck Rose made a motion to approve minutes from July 14, 2016: seconded and unanimously approved.


Balance is the same as last meeting, $2559.02


Sgt. Catlett thanked all for the group work on petitions and thanked the community for its support.He explained he had been cleaning the Annex. Questions were addressed about Xello, the Morro Bay Police Dog. He explained that Xello was used mostly for PR and would retire within the next couple of years. It is customary that the dog goes with his handler, Xello went with Canine Officer Stephanie Pepan to CalPoly. Another topic that was touched on was the number of accidents occurring at Yerba Buena and San Jacinto. Caltrans handles speed limits set on Highway 1, the 55 mph was put in as a favor to the city. In 2005 the department went from 22 officers to 18 officers. The city has 17 sworn officers and 18 positions, 2 officers are in field training and will be out within the next 8 to 10 weeks. Also discussed was that Motorcycle Officers would be very helpful, if traffic was heavy and patrol car could not get through to situation.

Interim Chief Todd was very complimentary about our existing Morro Bay Police Department. He stated, “his goal was that he wanted to have a good Police Department.” He is very personable and congenial. Since he has retired he has been called on to serve as Interim Chief in several places. He is going through the process to find a Commander within the next 30 days to 60 days, hopefully from within the department. He is looking for the best candidate from within or outside the department. When the process is done he will proceed to look for candidates for Chief either from within the department or from outside. The final decision will be made by Chief Todd and City Manager Buckingham.


All agreed National Night Out was a success. Over 200 people attended. Suggestion for next year was to place small prizes in buckets for easier monitoring. We had 8 officers there, 5 in uniform and 3 in street clothes. Thanks to Bill Pierce for PA on city vehicle.

Our next meeting Sept 8, 2016 will be held at the Church of Christ on Alesandro and Las Tunas at 6 pm. Please bring a dish to share, this is our bimonthly Potluck.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:35 by Chuck Rose.

Respectfully submitted by Caroline Lewis

***JULY 2016***

(July 14, 2016)

Our meeting was held on Thursday, July 14, 2016. It was a general meeting focusing on National Night Out, which was held at the Church of Christ located at 100 Las Tunas & King in the Church Hall. This was out potluck evening meeting and everyone in attendance brought a fabulous dish to share. The meeting was called to order by President Chuck Rose at 6:15 p.m. Board members present were: Chuck Rose, Carole Truesdale, and Cindy Betonte. Representing the Morro Bay Police Department: Acting Commander & Chief Rick Catlett and Sergeant Nicole Canby. Carole Truesdale scribed these notes for Caroline Lewis, Secretary, who was not in attendance. Other Neighborhood Watch members present were: Nolan Meeks, Larry Truesdale, David Ryal, Gordon & Fran Willey, Steve Eckis, Paul LaRiviere, Jim Lipsett, Kathy Rose, John & Linda Shorb, Diane Playan, Hank Roth, Judi Brown, Terry Simons, and Millie Tyler.
Motion was made to accept the minutes of the June 9, 2016 meeting with one correction of the name of Stephanie Pipan (instead of Pickett) who had left with her K-9 companion to CalPoly; second and unanimously approved.
Chuck Rose advised the balance of our checking account is $2,557.22. He did have a check for Cindy Betonte for her National Night Out out-of-pocket expenses.
Sargeant Nicole Canby gave us the good news that Chief Amy Christie is a new parent, her daughter was born on 7/13/2016 and both mother and child are doing well. Chief is a bit tired as she is on night duty. Acting Commander & Chief Rick Catlett spoke openly about the homeless situation in Morro Bay, which seems very frustrating to residence, however we have to keep in mind that “Homelessness is NOT a crime;” He stressed “that the Police Department has a duty to enforce the law when homeless individuals are involved in crimes and this is not in any way harassment or profiling.” MBPD advises everyone to lock their doors in vehicles, homes etc., Sargent Canby brought in a flyer that offers MB residents a discount from RING (the manufacturer) for an apparatus that one purchases, it can be wired into existing doorbells and will capture a picture of the individual at the door, and communicate if you are not available to respond whether home or away. Keep up the providing the information to the MBPD via the phone application for anything suspicious around your area.
MBPD successfully assisted in a major fraud situation along with the help of Wells Fargo Bank by capturing a Korean national that had several false identifications; opening numerous bank accounts across California and was part of a major ring of identify thieves. These individuals would open a new account in a bank, place funds from a check (that did not have funds to back up the amount), write a check from the new checking account and get cash before the bank could verify the funds. This was a large ring and our MBPD caught it here in MB! Mayor Irons stopped by the MBPD and met with the Acting Commander & Chief to let him and his staff know how grateful he was for their service to our City and keeping MB safe. It really hit the Mayor hard the loss of the Dallas Police Department personnel. Currently the department is down by 2 positions, and an interim police chief will be coming onboard after background checks have be en finalized. There are currently 18 sworn positions and the Chief and Commander positions are part of that mix. The balance of the conversation Acting Commander & Chief Rick Catlett discussed the different items that our community might lose if MBPD was outsourced to the sheriff’s department: time to response for any type of incident, having enough eyes and ears around the City to keep the safety factor down; we are one of the safest cities in SLO County; Neighborhood Watch Program, National Night Out, Emergency Vehicle demonstrations, finally…Caroling Cops. The outsourcing issue was addressed at the City Council Meeting on July 12th. Concerns were express over the fact that since the 911 dispatch was assigned to the Sherriff’s department, there has been a 20% increase in the overall cost vs what was first defined prior to the MB Dispatch teambeing removed from the City. Judi Brown shared her experience with a combative transient that unfolded like this: “call was made to 805-772-6225; dispatch took info and said they’d get back to me. Three (3) more calls 15 minutes apart later, no call back, no officer. At that point I physically removed the guy myself. About an hour and half later after that, officer from MBPD returned my call and took the report. Total time from first call 2.5 hours; never ONCE saw an officer, and got a different dispatch officer every time I called so I would have to relay all of the details from the beginning to someone new, wasting even more time.” It was discussed that if we want to keep our MBPD from being outsourced, we all need to band together, attend the August 9th meeting and speak out. Send letters to the Mayor and Councilmen with your thoughts, comments, etc.
National Night Out is fast approaching…Tuesday, 8/2/2016. Cindy Betonte electronically provided copies of the current NNO 2016 Plan and we went down each line action item to update the various closed and open items that needed to be addressed prior to NNO. Also, Cindy brought in copies of the National Night Out flyer, which the designer Jan Valeri ( volunteered her time and expertise to update. Chuck Rose asked each attendee to take some and pass them around to the local businesses and hang them up in public places for others to see. Caroline Lewis went to the MB Council Meeting on Tuesday, 7/12/2016 and provided a flyer to the City Council and announced National Night Out; asked the members and Mayor to join us for this event. Officer Canby is also hanging flyers in other areas so we can have a good participation. This event is NOT just for Morro Bay, but Cayucos and Los Osos residents. Publicity: Carole Truesdale was to finalize with the Event Calendar with the Bay News and New Times for our NNO event to appear for further publicity. The article written by Alyson Oken appeared in the Morro Bay Life discussion NNO. MBPD Press Release has been disseminated by Sargent Canby to media. Prizes, Larry & Carole purchased two Razors for prizes, there are other giveaways that we have in storage and Chuck Rose will bring those out. We need more prizes for this event and a motion was made that we can have $250 to purchase helmets and other safety gear as prizes to give to children attending, it was second and Carole will purchase fromTarget or Sergeant Canby said that she was going to chat with Target about providing other prizes to NNO. Chuck Rose will dig up the raffle tickets from the MBPD Storage Unit. Food, Sargeant Canby informed the group that Target is supplying all of the necessities: hot dogs, buns, plates, plastic ware, napkins, sodas, we still have some water left from our previous gathering and we can use them. Sargent Canby will confirm what is not being supplied by Target and last minute shopping may be in order. Dave Betonte & Larry Truesdale will be the cooks. David will bring his BBQ and charcoal. Banners have been updated with the current date and location;will be hung accordingly at City Park and then removed to be hung at the Cloisters on 8/1/2016 by Chuck Rose.
Recycle containers have been donated by the Morro Bay Waste & Disposal Company; they will be delivered to the Truesdale house on 8/2/2016. The filled recyclable bags will be donated to
Del Mar School for their recycle program after the event.
Entertainment: Caroline Lewis was able to find a face painter, and will bring her own table to set up for this event. The Drum Circle people declined performing for NNO. 97.3 FM The Rock will have their booth and will be talking with people throughout the evening. Sargeant Canby will provide a PA system and will work with Chuck Rose to obtain the games etc. that is currently in MBPD storage facility.
We are as ready as we can be for NNO at Cloister’s Park; we are to park in the dirt area adjacent to the playground, there will be flags designating the areas. Meeting was adjourned at 7:15p.m.
Our next meeting will be held at Dorn’s Restaurant on Thursday, August 11, 2016 at which time we will discuss the success of NNO and its future.
Respectfully submitted by Carole Truesdale on behalf of Caroline Lewis

***JUNE 2016***

(June 9, 2016)

Our meeting was held on June 9, 2016. It was a general discussion meeting starting at 11:30 am. Board members present were Cindy Betonte, Carole Truesdale and Caroline Lewis. Chief Amy Christie and Officer Nicole Canby represented the Morro Bay Police Department.

Other Neighborhood Watch members present were Fran and Gordon Willey, Ray Lewis, Richard LeGrand, Larry Truesdale, Jim Lipsett, Brenda Pool and Allyson Oken reporter for Morro Bay Life.

Cindy Betonte made motion to approve minutes from May meeting., was seconded by Ray Lewis and minutes were approved unanimously.

Update on monies in account were received by email from Chuck Rose. A $1000 was received from Emergency Car Show which gives a balance of $2,422.71.

Chief Amy Christie stated that Commander Millard has left and is the new Chief of Police for Cuesta College. Rick Catlett is acting Commander. Sgt. Porter has also left and Stephanie Pickett has gone with her K-9 to Cal Poly. Recruitment was closed for Commander and Officer on June 24, assessments and background checks are done on each candidate. Chief Christie said, “crime is relatively low, drugs are around and that several items that were stolen in Morro Bay were found in Atascadero.” Officer Nicole Canby will be the contact for Neighborhood Watch, National Night Out and Caroling Cops. Officer Nicole Canby will be sworn in as Sgt. Nicole Canby at 3 pm today.
Chief Christie and her partner are having a baby girl due July 18, 2016. Congratulations from all of us.

National Night Out will be held at Cloisters Park on August 2, 2016 at 5:00 til 7:00 pm.   Officer Nicole Canby will contact Fire Department, Harbor Patrol, Coast Guard and Atascadero K-9 officer to come to National Night Out. Officer Canby will also check on tables. Morro Bay Police Department will furnish the hot dogs for BBQ and we are asking for all who attend to bring a dish to share. Chuck Rose has Mc Gruff and will contact Target. Carole Truesdale will contact Bike Store in Morro Bay for donations. She will also contact Carol Suderman about Drum Group from Los Osos. Carole and Larry Truesdale will provide a Scooter to be given away in a drawing. Cindy Betonte will send an email to Woody about PA System. Dave and Cindy Betonte will do walk through with Sgt Nicole Canby at Cloisters Park a couple of days before event. Cindy will also reserve space for Banner at City Park for one week on a Monday or a Friday before. Flyers will be updated by Jenn to size 8.5 by 11 motion was made by Carole Truesdale and seconded by Caroline Lewis and was approved unanimously. Caroline Lewis will present at City Council Meeting on July 12 and will arrange for a Face painter. 
There will be prizes and games. Bay News and New Times announcements need to be in one week ahead of the event.

Our next meeting will be on July 14, 2016 at the Church of Christ at 100 Las Tunas and King in the Church Hall. Please bring a dish to share.

Meeting was over at 12:30.

Respectfully submitted by Caroline Lewis

***MAY 2016***

(May 12, 2016)

Meeting was called to order at 6:pm by Chuck Rose.Board members present were Chuck Rose, Carole Truesdale, Cindy Betonte and Caroline Lewis. Sergeant Mosqueda was representative for Morro Bay Police Department.

Other Neighborhood Watch members present were Ray Lewis, Pastor David Ryal, Diane Playan, Nolan Meeks, Larry Truesdale, Judi Brown, Terry Simons, Linda Shorb, John Shorb, Melcena Brixel and Sarah Trudeau.

Chuck Rose made motion to approve minutes from April meeting, Ray Lewis seconded and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Chuck Rose updated us on balance in account, he stated there was $1700 in the account. Diane Playan made a donation to Neighborhood Watch.

Sergeant Mosqueda took Sergeant Gomes position he is also the Vice President of the Police Officers Association. He came to us from a small town called Farmersville, CA . We are very happy to have him in Morro Bay. He stated, “ that there will be 3 positions opening within the next month. “ They have 2 applicants for the sergeant position. Sergeant Mosqueda stated more people are putting up private surveillance systems. Someone asked if Pepper Spray could be used for protection. Sergeant Mosqueda said, “yes but with caution.” We also discussed Amgen, there would be five zones and many volunteers. it would shut most the city down for about an hour. He has a new email address:

National Night Out August 2nd will be held at Cloister Park. Chuck Rose asked for approval to use $200 for prizes and other things for National Night Out. Terry Simons made the motion and Cindy Betonte seconded and was approved by all.

Cindy Betonte will contact Jen about poster and also get permit for Banner. She will also contact Red Cross and CERT to see if they will participate in National Night Out.

Chuck Rose will make contact with Morro Police Department about BBQ and Emergency Vehicle Displays. He also has Neighborhood Watch Display, he will contact Woody Woodward about letters to vendors and Master list of Merchants and he will contact Todd Gailey from the Morro Bay Fire Department. Larry Truesdale volunteered to help with the BBQ. Others will bring side dishes, water and sodas.

Carole Truesdale will handle prizes/gifts for the event, she will also be tweaking the poster for National Night Out. Diane Playan will help with fundraising. Caroline Lewis will help with setup and take down. I will also contact Face painters and Balloon Twisters for price and also possibility of donation.

We would like to thank Pastor David Ryal for the use of the church meeting hall. It was very pleasant and a great potluck. Our next meeting is at Dorn’s on June 8th at 11:30.

Meeting was adjourned by Chuck Rose at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Caroline Lewis


***APRIL 2016***


( April 14. 2016)

Meeting was called to order at 11:40 a m by Chuck Rose. Board members present were Chuck Rose, Carole Truesdale and Caroline Lewis. No representative of the Morro Bay Police Department.

Other Neighborhood watch members present were Ray Lewis, Larry Truesdale, Gordon Willey, Fran Willey, Richard LaGrand, John Short, Paul LaRiviere and Brenda Pool.

Chuck Rose made motion to approve minutes from March meeting. Paul LaRiviere seconded and minutes were approved unanimously.

Chuck Rose gave update on amount in bank account. Currently balance is $1722.04. A bill came into Morro Bay Police Department for sound system for Caroling Cops, bill cannot exceed $50 without Board approval.

No update was given.

National Night Out is scheduled August 2, 2016. Chuck is checking to see where we will have it, at the Cloisters where we will need to obtain permission for people to park on dirt area from 4 pm to 7 pm. Possibility also at Del Mar Park where we could have a Pickle Ball presentation. We would also like to see if the Emergency Vehicles could be apart of National Night Out. Need to notify media about date and event.

Evaluation of Evening Meeting (location, time, day,…..)
All agreed that our first evening meeting went well, some of our day meeting people can’t come because of previous commitments. Minutes will be posted on Nextdoor.

Letters need to go out to businesses for support and donations for National Night Out as well as for the Car Show, Caroling Cops, cost of trolley, toys and decorations. Tax free 501-C letters could go into Water bills letting people know what Nextdoor and Neighborhood Watch are about. Committee formed to look into fundraising made up of
Chuck Rose, Ray Lewis and Caroline Lewis. Larry and Carole Truesdale will donate small scooter for prize.

Go Daddy renewal (cost) Website was updated by Cindy Betonte, she was able to renew for two years for $199.31.
We discussed the fundraiser for our local non-profit community radio station. The Rock 97.3 being held at the Vets Hall on Friday, May 13, 2016 at 5:00 pm. Come join us at the Concert and enjoy the wonderful music.

Still needs volunteers for Stage 4 Morro Bay. Please contact Stage 4 Volunteer Cooordinator David Hubbard.

Our next Neighborhood Watch Meeting will be at the Church of Christ at 100 Las Tunas and King St.. We will be meeting in the Church Hall, it will be a Potluck so bring a dish to share. Please bring paper plates and utensils. May 12, 2016 at 6 pm.

Meeting was adjourned by Chuck Rose at 12:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Caroline Lewis.


***MARCH 2016***

(10 March , 2016)

The meeting was called to order at 6:00  pm by Chuck Rose. Board members present were Chuck Rose, Carol Truesdale, Caroline Lewis, Cindy Betonte, Bill Pierce and Chief Amy Christey represented the Police Department.

Bill Pierce made motion to approve minutes of February meeting. Nancy seconded and they were approved unanimously, with one exception about bank balance. It was updated by Cindy Betonte.

Current balance in bank is $14072.04

Chief Amy Christey talked about Morro Bay Police department.
1/3 of Officers live in the city.
Summer before last there were 11 officers, last year two retired and 1 went to San Luis Obispo.
New officer from Tulare with 10 years experience.
People want to be in Morro Bay
Department is pretty stable right now.
Bonnie has been giving updates on thefts,  if people are locked up it becomes a felony, if not it is a misdemeanor. Chief Christey stated in view of Prop 47 taking things that were felonies and turning them into misdemeanors, lock cars and do not leave valuables in vehicles. People can still be made accountable if the DA prosecutes. Federal Government said, “get people out of over crowded prisons and jails. She also said to communicate with her  if there is a need to know what works for community. Possible mobile app to get pics of crimes to her office, Cmdr Millard and the Sargents. Call 911 if an emergency. Emails are read and take some time to answer or investigate. Also discussed new cameras for city.
Discussion on Homeless.
* if crime is committed they have to be caught red handed
10pm to 6am No Camping in City
crime rate is relatively low
Chief’s Advisory quarterly to meet with group
state did maintenance on State Park Area. Any other done on park land must be in coordination with the state.

Paul made a motion to have meetings every other month in the evening. Bill Pierce and Diane Playan seconded and motion was approved unanimously. Pastor David Ryal of the Church of Christ at 100 Las Tunas and King offered the Church’s kitchen and hall for meeting and potlucks. Next evening meeting is at 6pm on May 12, 2016.
Cindy Betonte discussed renewing Website at Go Daddy, stated it was $100 a year. She will try to negotiate with them on price for two years. Group approved payment for Website for two year renewal.
Also discussed Donation letters to go out to businesses. Cost of Trolley is approximately $1600/$1700 for Caroling Cops and another $1000 for helping with purchases and other programs. Need sponsors for National Nightout the 1st Tuesday in August.
Next meeting will discus National Nightout, Amgen, Car show and fundraisers. next meeting at
11:30 am at Dorn’s on April 14, 2016.

Meeting was adjourned by Chuck Rose at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Caroline Lewis

Promoting neighborhood safety and crime prevention through community partnership with the Morro Bay Police Department.