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Crime Prevention Tip – “Grandson” Scam

Scam artists will take advantage of your concern for family members to steal your money.

Recently there have been reports of senior citizens receiving a call from someone claiming to be their grandson, (or friend of their grandson), saying that the grandchild is in trouble and in urgent need of cash.  Sometimes the grandparent was addressed by name.

The caller asks that the grandparent wire them money and to “not mention this” problem to other family members.  The original call may be followed up by a second call claiming to be an attorney, police officer or other official.

In any case the grandparent is told to wire the money via money-gram, Western Union or other money transferring service

THIS IS A SCAM!!  The grandparents have contacted their grandchildren directly or through the parents, only to find that their grandchildren are safe and not in any trouble at all.

Please do not fall for this SCAM.  If you receive a call from someone claiming to be your grandchild, or a friend of your grandchild, asking for money . . . call your grandchild back on the number you know, or call the parents and ask for a contact number for the grandchild.

Don’t let these crooks steal your money!!  Be shrewd and be wise.