MBPD Project BLUE LIGHT- December 1-31


Morro Bay Police Department Press Release:  Project Blue Light

November 15, 2016

The Morro Bay Police Department is inviting all citizens to participate in Project Blue Light this holiday season by placing a single blue light in your window as an expression of support for fallen officers.

Project Blue Light began in 1988 when the surviving mother-in-law of a Philadelphia, PA., police officer who was killed in the line of duty wrote a letter to Concerns of Police Survivors. She stated that she would be honoring her late son-in-law, Officer Danny Gleason, by placing a blue light in her window.  The project has grown steadily since, and is now a way of recognizing the law enforcement officers who serve and protect us, while remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their community and have been killed in the line of duty across America.

Police Chief Larry Todd said, “I feel it is an important time for citizens to express their support for their local police officers, especially with the unprecedented number of officers who have been deliberately targeted and killed this past year. Our officers strive to build a strong police/community partnership and this is an easy, meaningful way for citizens to show their support.”

The concept is simple. Place a single blue light in your window as an expression of support and in memory of fallen officers. At this time of year, ornamental light fixtures, such as candlestick replicas, are easy to find and serve this purpose well. Replace the bulb with a single blue bulb and place it in a window where it will be seen. You could replace garage lights with blue bulbs or string-up blue Christmas lights instead of plain white ones.  Businesses can participate as well.

Shine your support December 1st through the 31st for your police officers. Show support for the holiday season or let it shine all year long.